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Here you can find various projects, I worked on in the past or I'm working currently on. Comments are welcome.
DCF77: Receiver as a precise source for a NTP-Service
Support for such a time source is already build in
the NTP, this project only adds the hardware.
USB-DCF77: Receiver as a precise source for a NTP-Service
The DCF77 signal will be received, conditioned
and forwarded to the host via USB.
MiniDoper: ISP for Atmel-CPUs with USB interface
A simple programmer emulating a STK501, but uses the USB to control. In ages where
generic computers lack RS232 interfaces, it makes life much earier.
Switcher: Switching low voltages via USB
A small switch box made by myself, uses a microcontroller
and the USB to control it.
Kritzel: Small logic analyser with USB
This device is able to capture 8 digital signals up to about 500kHz.

And here an incomplete project

GALprog: A small piece of electronics to program GALs
A project to program GAL devices.
For host communication a USB interface will be used.